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Whether you need a backyard shed for your hobby, or a She Shed to relax in, we’ve got a great selection of sizes and styles to match your personality and your budget. Check out our different shed styles below and design your own with our Shed Color Simulator!

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It’s not just a building. It explodes with happiness. It’s my happy place.”

Which storage sheds are best?

While you are searching for the best backyard storage sheds, make sure you invest in a high quality wooden shed like we offer here at Ulrich. The biggest mistake we see is that some people try to save money buying cheap sheds from big box retail stores, which are made out of plastic, thin metal, or faux wood finishes. These sheds only last a couple of years, putting you right back in the same situation, looking for another shed for your backyard. Put yourself into a solution that truly fits and enriches your lifestyle from the start at a tremendous value. Regardless of your backyard, we have a style that’s sure to fit. The Retreat and The Rancher are popular options as hobby sheds, or as guest quarters. The Heritage is a great option for a cute She Shed. If you’re looking for a home office with a modern vibe, look no further than The Modern Studio. If you’ve got a tiny side yard or a restrictive HOA, consider The Lean-To or The Byler. When you are storing your cars, zero turns, lawn equipment, tools, or other personal belongings, you want to make sure they are protected from the elements. Our outdoor storage sheds are built tough and sealed off from inclement weather. Whether we are building you a space for stuff or for you to live in, we’ve always believed in building products we are proud to put our name on. And we are constantly striving to maintain building specifications that are consistently above industry standards. In addition to that, all of our sheds are portable, which means you can take them with you if you ever decide to move!


It's exactly what I wanted. I would not change one thing."

Different uses of our Modular storage sheds

Storage sheds for sale near me

If you are looking to find some existing inventory sheds for sale, check out our Where to Buy page. You can enter your zip code and find the closest Ulrich Retail Location near you. Note: You may qualify for free delivery!

Lease-to-own sheds

You can actually rent to own any of our existing shed inventory or a brand-new custom shed. Rent to own is a great option if you want a payment plan, but prefer not to use your credit. Get in touch with one of our designers to learn more about our shed payment plans.

Different Ulrich shed styles

Design Your Own Shed

Get started right now! Scroll back up to the top and choose your favorite shed style. See which color combinations fit your home and start bringing your dream to life! Talking to one of our designers is the best way to make sure you get exactly what you need. We look forward to helping you make room for the important things in your life! Contact us anytime to let us know how we can serve you!

Questions and Answers

In most cases, yes – your shed will come fully assembled. In some situations, we may construct your shed at your location because of maneuverability concerns. We’ll complete the entire installation process on your property, leaving you with a fully constructed storage shed, ready for use.

We offer financing on all sheds. We work with select lending partners to bring you easy and affordable options. Click here to speak with a designer now for details.

That varies by town and municipality. Check with your local code office to see what the requirements are for your location. They will provide you with an application for a permit if needed and let you know the process you need to take.
If you have questions about the size and details of your structure, contact your Sales Advisor.

Timeframe varies on location, time of year, our work load and the type of building you are purchasing. At the time of your order and deposit, we will provide an approximate time frame for delivery.
Give us a call any time to ask what our current lead times are for your location and structure!

Usually only one delivery team member will deliver your storage shed. We have a special tool called a Mule, which we use to move your shed with ease. Click here for more information about delivery.

Overall, modular structures are more cost effective to build for a number of reasons. They are manufactured in our facilities, which means there are no delays due to weather. Plus, our streamlined construction process allows us to be fast and efficient.

Modular structures must also withstand the stresses of being moved from our shop to your backyard. Not only are our storage buildings and garages built to stand the test of time on your property, they are built to stand the test of transportation as well.

Working with your Ulrich designer is a breeze! Come with an idea of the size and style you need, and we’ll plan the details with you. It’s helpful to bring along a photo of the location where your structure will be placed. If you have specific requirements such as colors or Home Owners Association rules, bring that information with you as well. We’re happy to chat with you over the phone or in person.
To place an order for your structure, you will need to provide a deposit in most cases (in the form of Check, Cash, Money order, or Credit Card).

There is no difference in the price of your structure! Depending on the lead time at your Sales Center, there may be a difference in delivery time, but not always. We’re happy to deliver your dream shed direct from our sales center or fresh from our shop!

In most cases, you don’t need to prepare any foundation. We’ll bring the needed blocks in order to level it in your backyard. If your backyard is steeply sloped, or has extremely soft soil, you may want to install a stone pad. For the longevity and safety of your structure, we will work with you based on your location, and the structure type and size to recommend the best foundation type needed.

We can also build on your concrete pad, but it is essential that you speak with one of our designers before you have the concrete pad poured! You need to get the exact dimensions of the foundation for the building you wish to buy. Do not assume that a 10×12 ft building requires a 10×12 ft concrete slab!

Keep in mind that in most cases, no foundation preparation is necessary on your part.

Ulrich sheds have been used for a variety of purposes from storage to sanctuaries, the use case depends entirely on you. Common themes we have seen in the past include:
Garden Storage Sheds, She Sheds, Workout Rooms, Man Caves, Backyard Storage Sheds, Home Offices, Tiny Homes, Small Storage Sheds, and as Outdoor Rec Storage Sheds.

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