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Shed Design Step 5

Step 5: Maximize Your Space With Shed Accessories

Step 5: Shed Accessories

This is the step where you really get to have fun with your new building, and plan where all your stuff is going to go.

Why Shed Accessories?

If you are getting the shed strictly to park the mower and no other reason, you can order your ramp and then skip this step. If you are hoping to fit in any other stuff, you need to keep reading. Shed accessories are the keys to customizing your storage shed so that it truly performs to meet all your storage needs.

Shelves -- Shed Accessories
Shelves are a great way of adding economical storage space.

Shelves for your Storage Building

Shelves can be lifesavers if they are properly planned. Most of these kinds of storage options fall between $3 and $6 per square foot, making them the least expensive “floor space” in your whole building.

However, if you get your shelves too close together, in the wrong place, or too high, they will just be frustrating. We suggest that shelves be placed at least 18-24” apart, and leave enough space under the bottom shelf to allow for a stack of 5-gallon buckets, a cooler, or some other large item.

Another great option is to put a single shelf along one wall at a height of about 5 feet. This lets you use the wall space underneath for garden tools (and a host of other things), while still leaving you enough room between the shelf and the ceiling for some pretty large items.

Lofts — A Lofty Garden Shed Concept

Lofts are probably the most popular of the shed accessories. Loft options in storage buildings have broadened over the past years. You can still get the traditional “couple of 2X4’s and some plywood” loft to store 3 boxes and the Christmas tree. But you can also add a loft to the other end of the building. It’s even possible to design a “wrap-around” loft, which greatly increases your storage space.

12x20 Loft
A loft is a cheap way of adding a lot of storage space for lighter items that you can lift over your head.
Pegboard & Workbench

Workbenches and Pegboards

These storage buildings can make great little garages. Whether you intend to turn the whole thing into a wood-working shop, or you just want a place in the corner to tinker with the mower, a workbench with a pegboard is a great investment.

Ramps — Shed Accessories on the Rise

One of the most common “wish-I-would-a-got” of the shed accessories items is a ramp. Because of the framing required in the floor system, the floor level of your new building will be a minimum of 8” from ground level, even if the ground is perfectly level. If you plan on driving anything into your building, you need a ramp.

shed ramp
All portable storage sheds sit a little above ground level. A ramp helps you make the grade.
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