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Self-Storage Cash Drain

Stop Flushing Your Cash Down The Self-Storage Toilet

Self Storage is a waste of cash.

Usually when we flush, it’s to get rid of stuff we’d rather not keep around. But why flush your hard-earned cash down a self-storage unit? That same cash could have your treasures in a top-notch shed in your backyard.

We understand that for some people, self-storage is their only option. The maintenance crew at your college will probably not be thrilled if you park a storage shed just outside your dorm. And most condo balconies are not spacious enough to accommodate a mini-barn.

But if that’s not you, renting-to-own a shed will be your perfect solution:

  • organize your life
  • protect your stuff
  • save your cash
  • keep your treasures at home

Best of all, when the rental period is done–the shed is yours to keep.

Consider the advantages of either method:

Self StorageShed
You go to your storage unit. Your treasures are across town.Your storage unit is brought to you. Your treasures are in your back yard.
No backyard space is needed.You must have a yard for the shed.
Climate-controlled units available, but are more expensive.Climate-controlled units available, but are more expensive.
After 36 months of renting, all you have is your stuff.After 36 months of RTO, you have your own shed.
Rental cost continues indefinitely.After 36 months of RTO (or maybe sooner) the shed is yours.
Subject to rent increases.No rent increases if RTO (or no rent at all if you purchase!)
Your stuff is subject to auction if you don’t pay your rent.If your are renting (RTO), the shed simply gets picked up if you stop payments. You keep your stuff. No auctions.
Maintenance provided by owner.Low maintenance (if you purchase a quality shed).
Access your storage unit during posted hours.Access your storage unit 24-7.
You must remember your access code to get inside the gate.What’s an access code?

Self-Storage Cost

Outdoor (not climate-controlled) 10×10 self-storage units run around $98/mo.

Storage Shed RTO Cost

A similar size storage shed from Bylers, built precisely to your specs and delivered to your back yard, would cost $90-120 a month to rent–and after 36 months, it’s yours to keep.
To start planning and stop flushing, download our free Shed Buying Guide.

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