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We’ll design, build, deliver, and install a custom storage shed made just for you.

At Ulrich, we specialize in building your dream storage shed with: 

  • High quality materials
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Customizable features
  • Guaranteed warranty backing from 5 to 20 years
  • Combined industry experience of 200+ years
  • Various payment options
  • White glove delivery and installation

Choosing Between Site Built and Pre-Built Storage Sheds

Whether you choose to have a pre-assembled storage shed delivered or arrange to have a shed built directly on your property, Ulrich offers high-quality wooden sheds that will suit your storage needs.


Pre-built, or modular, storage sheds are a popular choice for several reasons. We manufacture our storage sheds right in our own facilities, resulting in no weather delays and a consistent standard of quality that we monitor directly.

Because these sheds need to endure the stress of relocation when we deliver them to your home, we build them to meet high expectations for durability and resilience; as a result, you can trust that your Ulrich storage shed will stand strong over time. 

Site Built

At Ulrich, we are able to build your custom storage shed right on your property. Site-built sheds often take longer to finish than pre-built options, but opting for a site-built shed may be worthwhile if your property does not have the space to accommodate the delivery of a pre-built shed.

In these cases, our team will bring the necessary tools, materials, and sections, many of them prefabricated in our facilities, to your property and assemble your storage shed on-site. 

What Storage Sheds Are Made Of

You can find storage sheds constructed out of different materials, but some are superior to others when it comes to value, longevity, durability, and overall quality. Ulrich’s high-quality wood storage sheds provide long-lasting structures that exceed industry standards.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden storage sheds are the best option for quality and durability. Whether you need a sturdy space to store your tools or a separate space to house guests, Ulrich knows that wood storage sheds are the best choice for any intended use.

We use higher grade wood than average builders to ensure the quality of the finished product is exceptional. Our wooden sheds are built to withstand time and harsh weather conditions so you can feel comfortable trusting your Ulrich shed for decades with proper care.

Our sheds are also portable; if you decide to move from the home where we installed your shed, you can pick up and move your storage shed with the right equipment. Please consult with our team for more information so you can be fully prepared and equipped if you are moving. 

Metal Sheds

While metal storage sheds often deter insect infestations, they are prone to rusting over time, especially with repeated exposure to precipitation. Additionally, metal models, like steel storage sheds, are more likely to leak than wooden sheds. Metal sheds, such as those built with aluminum, are a cheap solution to your backyard storage needs.

Plastic Sheds

Usually the cheapest options available are plastic storage sheds. While these sheds may be gentler on your wallet at first, they are rarely a worthwhile investment due to their lower quality and limited durability.

Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl storage sheds can be a decent, relatively weather-resistant option in colder regions, but warm or hot climates can damage them, making them unsuitable for areas that experience warmer temperatures.

You can also find sheds that use vinyl siding paired with a wooden frame. While the frame will be sturdy, you may experience the same downsides described above in certain climates. 

Resin Sheds

You will likely find that resin storage sheds are the cheapest option on the market, but this is largely because they are made with cheap materials.

These sheds are not very sturdy, and the walls cannot support much weight, making it difficult to hang items and make use of the space. Resin sheds also do not last very long, even with regular upkeep, so even though they are inexpensive, they are rarely worth the cost. 

How You Can Use Your Backyard Storage Shed

Built to offer superior protection and security for whatever you want to store inside them, Ulrich storage sheds are extremely versatile. Storage sheds turned into personal spaces or private getaways have become a more popular occurrence in recent years.

We are confident that your Ulrich storage shed will meet your needs regardless of how you intend to use the building. Here are some of the many uses for outside storage sheds. 

Storing Your Bicycle

Even with small storage sheds, you can easily store bicycles without using the entire available space. With a bike storage shed made with high-quality wood, you can actually install hooks on the wall to securely support your bikes, keeping them safe while freeing up floor space.

Sheds made from other materials typically cannot support wall hooks like this, so you would have to keep your bikes on the floor, taking up space that you could use for other items or fixtures. 

She Sheds

Turning a premade storage shed into a bonus room or personal getaway has become a popular project. Your she shed can take on any form you want; whether you’d love a private space to decompress after work or a room to play and relax with your kids, a custom she shed is a great way to use your storage shed.

Man Caves

The classic man cave provides privacy and comfort, often in the form of a workshop, bar, or lounge. Rather than setting up a private space in a spare room, garage, or basement, you can transform a storage shed into a man cave. With a man shed, you’ll have a truly private space without straying too far from home, and this backyard hangout venue is great for spending time alone or with friends.

Firewood Storage

Keeping firewood in a storage shed is a great way to make sure the wood is dry and protected from pests so you can use it at any time. Whether you have a fire pit or a wood-fire grill in your backyard, storing firewood in your shed will ensure logs are ready to burn when you need them.


Turning a storage shed into an art studio is a great way to use this space. It is important to be mindful of outside temperatures, as hot weather can damage art supplies, so you may need to equip your storage shed studio with fans or AC units. Still, using your shed as a studio can provide you with the right amount of space and privacy to be creative.

Motorcycle Sheds

When protecting such a big investment, you need something that is secure, stable, and sturdy. A high quality wooden shed is a great way to keep your motorcycle safe when not in use.

Office Sheds

Converting your yard storage shed into a home office can give you a dedicated space to focus on your work in privacy. In this era of continued remote work, an office shed offers separation from work and home life in the convenience of your own backyard.

A work space in your shed can also give you a place to brainstorm new ideas, innovate new solutions, and solve challenging problems. You can customize your new home office to provide the right environment for productivity and success. 

Garden Storage

A storage shed provides the perfect place for gardening tools and equipment. Whether you need to store smaller items like trowels, shears, and water cans or larger pieces of equipment like trimmers or wheelbarrows, an outdoor tool storage shed gives you a space to organize and protect your gardening materials.

Workout Rooms

Motivate yourself to exercise with a storage shed that houses fitness equipment. Some homeowners put machines like treadmills in spare rooms or basements, but transforming a storage shed into a workout room can free up space in your house and create an environment that encourages you to workout without requiring a gym membership.

Backyard Storage

No matter the size of your backyard, chances are you have plenty of things you want to keep protected from prying eyes and harsh weather. Built to endure the test of time, Ulrich sheds can keep an assortment of backyard items safe, including:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Lawn chairs and other outdoor furniture
  • Lawn games
  • Power tools
  • Pool supplies
  • Lawn and garden chemicals
  • Sports equipment
  • Seasonal decor

You may also use a backyard shed for patio storage purposes to keep your space clear.

Why Buy a Storage Shed from Ulrich?

At Ulrich, we believe that your storage shed should not only provide structural stability and protection from the elements, but also offer custom solutions to suit your specific needs and improve the quality of your life.

DIY Shed Kit vs Storage Shed

One of the most important things to remember when choosing a storage shed is that you are making an investment in your future. Among the reasons some homeowners purchase prefab storage sheds kits is because their price point is often much cheaper than pre-built or stick built options.

However, DIY shed kits can ultimately be more expensive than expected due to the costs of additional materials and tools required to assemble and install them. Additionally, shed kits demand a significant amount of time and labor to build the shed, especially if the buyer has limited experience or resources to use for this project.

Shed kits are not protected by warranties, making these purchases risky. Working with a DIY kit means that you will need to cover all costs and labor needed to complete the project, including replacing or buying new materials.

The upfront cost of a high-quality pre-built or stick-built storage shed is often higher than that of a DIY shed kit, but this investment not only saves you time and labor but also leaves you with a storage shed that you know is sturdy and suitable for your specific needs. 

Simple Process

We make it easy to get a custom storage shed with our Proven Process.

Design Consultation

To get started, we’ll connect with you to learn more about you and help you get to know us and our process. We’ll discuss what you have in mind for project ideas and learn what you need and want out of your storage shed, including immediate and long-term goals. At this stage, we’ll also get more information about the project site you want to use and discuss necessary requirements.


At this point, we will provide a design recommendation based on our discussion. We are happy to make edits to this design until you love it.

You can then select the colors, features, and other options that you’d like for your new storage shed. Then, once you are satisfied with the design, you can place your order, and we can get started on the building process. 


After we confirm your order, we will set an installation date that works for you. We’ll need between three and six weeks to manufacture and assemble everything in our climate-controlled facilities.


Once production is complete, we will verify the installation date with you to make arrangements. We’ll handle delivery and onsite installation ourselves to ensure everything is in order. After installing your storage shed, we’ll handle all cleanup and give you a product demonstration before handing off the keys. 

Love it For Life

After completing your project, we will follow up with you to make sure everything about your storage shed is meeting your expectations. We want you to have the best experience with your Ulrich storage shed, and we are prepared to help support you and your family in the future, as well.

Customizable Structures

We offer multiple styles of storage sheds that can be customized to meet your needs. Virtually every outdoor structure we build is unique because of the custom qualities we can provide, including:

  • Paint colors
  • Windows
  • Porches
  • Siding
  • Roofing

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss customization options with your designer before committing to a shed design so you can learn all that is available.

Trusted Quality

The Ulrich team possesses decades of design experience and more than 200 years of combined industry experience. We utilize unique, innovative technology to offer fully configurable products to suit your specific needs.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with high-quality, durable structures that enrich their lifestyles. Regardless of how you want to use our products, our team works to develop the perfect structure for your needs and budget, meeting our high craftsmanship and quality standards that you can trust.

Because we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of design, production quality, and workmanship, we are happy to offer a limited warranty to original purchasers, ensuring that your product is delivered without defects. In many cases, this limited warranty covers every part of your structure, from the floorboards to the shingles, for up to 20 years.

We’ve cultivated a trustworthy reputation for customized units among our raving customers. Your satisfaction is our mission, and our history, as well as the plentiful reviews and testimonials our customers have provided, can verify our success on this front. 

Fast Delivery

When you buy a shed from Ulrich, we can offer a quick turnaround and minimal installation time if you have the space ready for delivery. We handle delivery and installation ourselves to ensure everything is completed to our standards and your satisfaction.

What to Consider Before Buying a Shed

Before buying a storage shed, you will need to consider a number of factors, including the space you have available, your budget, and how you would like to use it.

For more information, check out this article: 10 Considerations When Buying Outdoor Storage Sheds.

Key Parts of a Premade Storage Shed

We pride ourselves on achieving high standards of quality with our products. To accomplish this, we ensure that the individual parts of our storage sheds are of the highest quality, as well.


Unless you are planning on installing your storage shed in a desert, it is important to make sure that the floors are water-resistant. We have a three-step process to ensure your floors are properly placed and protected. This process entails:

  • Blocking
  • Framing
  • Decking


We always use treated wood in our frames and decking, but raising up your storage shed keeps the floors even safer to ensure your shed lasts longer. Before setting up your storage shed, we place concrete blocks of varying sizes beneath the structure to level the building and supply a buffer between the ground and the storage shed’s floor for extra protection from water damage and rotting.


The frame of your storage shed rests directly on the concrete blocks and supports the decking. Specifically, two to four treated runners sit directly on the blocks and run the length of the shed. On top of the runners, we will secure the floor foundation. You’ll have the option to get a frame with supports spaced 16 inches apart or a heavy-duty frame, which is more suitable for larger structures, with supports spaced 12 inches apart for a sturdier base.


Decking refers to the part of the shed you will actually walk on. For decking, storage sheds should use wood that is at least 5/8 inches thick (or at least 3/4 inches thick if you are planning to store heavy objects on the floor).

For our storage sheds, we prefer to use B/C grade plywood because of its smooth, knot-free surface, which is attractive and easy to clean. We make sure to use pressure-treated floor joists to ensure the floor is water-resistant and sturdy. If you need a heavy-duty build or want to use your shed as a workshop, we also offer a sealed 3/4 inch option. 

Doors & Windows

The placement of doors and windows is an important consideration for your storage shed. Where you want to install your shed can influence these decisions.

You may want your door centered on the longest wall or positioned on the end of the shed depending on the orientation of the structure in your yard, for example.

Windows are crucial for letting in natural light, which can be essential if you want to use your shed as an office, she shed, or other personal space. 


There are two primary types of roofing materials you can choose for your storage shed: metal and shingles. Choosing between them largely depends on personal preference; Ulrich provides the best quality of metal and shingle shed roofs for your satisfaction.

Metal Roofs

One of the best advantages of a metal shed roof is the durability; when constructed out of thick metal with a quality coating, metal roofs can last between 40 and 70 years. Metal roofs are also wind and fire resistant, and they can keep the interior of your shed cooler than a shingle roof might.

For our metal roofs, we use 25% recycled material for an environmentally-friendly end result.

Metal roofs typically have a higher upfront cost than shingle roofs, and if damaged (by power tool mishaps or hail storms, for example), repairs can be costly, often requiring panel replacements or specialized practices. Some buyers don’t love the appearance of metal roofs or worry about the noise; at Ulrich, we offer metal roofs in a variety of colors to suit your design needs, and with a wooden frame beneath the roof, your storage shed won’t be as noisy. 

Shingle Roofs

Shingles are a popular choice for storage sheds, especially among buyers who want the roof to match the roof of their house. At Ulrich, shingle roofs are our standard, and the cost is included in storage shed price estimates, with metal roofs considered to be an upgrade.

Unlike other sheds, our sheds feature residential shingles, which are of a higher quality.

A shingle roof entails a lower upfront cost than metal roofing, and the costs and difficulty of repair or replacement are also lower than for metal.

It is important to recognize that shingles do not last as long as metal roofs; they are susceptible to damage from wind, heat, sunlight, and rapid temperature changes.

In the event that your shingle roof is damaged, many buyers find that it is easy enough to replace shingles on their own; while shingle shed roofs tend to require more maintenance and upkeep than a metal roof, repairing them is often less expensive and less labor-intensive than you might expect. 


At Ulrich, we usually equip our storage sheds and garages with LP® Siding & Trim for its durability, attractive appearance, and 50 year warranty. Quality siding is important when it comes to ensuring your shed is weather-resistant.

In addition to the LP® Siding, we also offer the following sidings:

  • LP® Smart Panel
  • LP® Smart Lap
  • LP® Board and Batten
  • Cement Lap
  • Cedar Log 
  • Cedar Lap
  • Pine Tongue and Groove

We also hand-paint our siding with durable, fade-resistant paint from Sherwin-Williams so that the paint job lasts longer (typically 20+ years) before it needs to be repainted. Our siding comes with a limited lifetime warranty, as well.


The main function of these buildings is to give you space to store your belongings. Wooden storage sheds give you the option to easily install hooks and other features. You may also be interested in built-in shelving for your shed.

Where to Put Your Storage Shed

Before committing to a storage shed design, you should first determine where you want to place it. To do so, you will need to consider the following points.

Decide What Placement Location Makes Sense

Most buyers typically place their storage shed in their backyard, but deciding where exactly you want to put it depends on how you intend to use your shed.

It is also important to consider how convenient it will be to access your storage shed depending on where you place it, as well as how it will look once installed.

Some popular locations for a storage shed include: 

  • Back corner of your yard
  • Poolside
  • Beside your garden
  • On or adjacent to your patio

Acquire Necessary Codes and Permits

You need to make sure that the placement of your storage shed abides by the codes, ordinances, and requirements of your city and HOA. There is also a chance you will need to acquire a permit for your storage shed, though this is not usually the case.

The team at Ulrich can help you meet these requirements and obtain necessary paperwork; we can even take care of the process from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about the hassle..

Choose a Flat, Level Area

The flatter the area, the better when it comes to installing a storage shed. However, if the place you want to install a shed is uneven, we can use blocks to level the shed during installation.

Build a Strong Foundation

With most Ulrich sheds, you will not need to prepare a foundation in advance. However, if your land is uneven or unstable, a strong and sturdy foundation will help support your new shed. Blocking can help create a level platform, but you may also want to establish a concrete or gravel pad to support your storage shed.

What to Know About Storage Shed Installation

We make installing your storage shed easy by handling the entire process in-house.

Prepare The Site For Your Shed

In most cases, you will not need to do anything to prepare for the installation of your storage shed. However, it is important to make sure there is a clear path to where you want your shed installed, especially if you have chosen a pre-built shed.

Pre-built models are elevated on a rig for transportation, so you will need to verify that there is plenty of room to maneuver. Check the area for low-hanging branches, powerlines, overhangs to ensure these obstacles will not collide with your storage shed during delivery. 

Get Your Shed Delivered

If you have the space available, delivery from Ulrich can be a relatively quick and easy process. For site-built sheds, we will deliver all of the necessary parts separately to assemble onsite. When you order a pre-built storage shed, however, we will transport your fully-assembled custom storage shed directly to your home.

Watch our storage shed delivery process in action below.

Assemble and Install Your Shed

When it comes to shed assembly and installation, you won’t need to worry about the process. Ulrich will handle these either onsite or in our facilities.

Site Built

When there are concerns about maneuverability, we may have to build your shed onsite. The process will be the same as when we stick build structures in our facilities, but we may experience delays due to weather, resulting in a longer installation time.

Truck Delivery

We specialize in delivering completed storage sheds to your yard. Most of our structures are delivered in this way. Upon delivery, installation typically takes a few days to ensure everything is secure and in its place.

Features to Consider for Shed Designs and Upgrades

When it comes to designing your shed from the start or seeking upgrades to renovate your shed, you have a number of options to choose from.

Additional Storage

Depending on how you want to use your new shed, you may consider adding extra storage to keep items organized and off the floor. Additional storage options might include built-in shelves or hooks. You can discuss the options for your specific storage shed model with your designer.


Getting effective vents installed in your storage shed can keep your air clean and promote more efficient temperature regulation. Ventilation is especially important if you want to use your shed as a workshop or craft area.

Framing & Flooring

The right framing and flooring adds strength and quality to your storage shed. At Ulrich, we offer trim packages featuring flooring and framing so you have the option to invest more in the longevity and durability of your shed.

Climate Control

Climate controlled storage sheds come in many forms. You may opt for a window unit or a mini-split air conditioning depending on how you intend to use your shed. If you want to install devices to manage the temperature, you need to consider how you will run electricity to your shed, as well.


Purchasing storage sheds with a loft can be great for a variety of purposes. A loft is a great way to gain additional storage space, especially for items you don’t regularly use.


While not a standard option for storage sheds from Ulrich, we do offer insulation with our finish-out packages. If you intend to spend time in your shed even in the winter, insulation can be a worthwhile investment.

Decorative Elements

You can also add cosmetic or decorative elements to your custom storage shed. These include:

  • Window boxes
  • Weather vanes
  • Custom doors styles
  • Custom window shapes

Storage Shed Sizes To Choose From

At Ulrich, we offer storage sheds in two foot increments.

8x8 storage sheds

Smaller, square-shaped storage sheds can be great for yards with limited space. An 8×8 shed is perfect for storing tools, gardening equipment, and more.

10x12 storage sheds

Storage sheds measuring 10×12 are great for storing items like lawnmowers, snow blowers, bicycles, and more. While on the smaller end, these sheds can also be great for a cozy studio or private workshop.

10x14 storage sheds

With 20 more square feet of space than the 10×12 model, a 10×14 storage shed can be used to comfortably store larger items, such as a riding lawnmower. You can also make a shed of this size into a home office or workout room.

12x16 storage sheds

These storage sheds can fit longer items, such as canoes or kayaks, and keep them protected from the elements, saving you garage space or preventing you from having to store these items outside under a tarp. A 12 x 16 storage shed (or larger) also makes a great space for woodworking or other tool-intensive hobbies.

Financing Your Storage Shed

Our customers can find financing options on their own or work with one of the financing companies Ulrich partners with. You have the option for lease-to-own or rent-to-own storage sheds so you don’t have to worry about covering the full cost upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Sheds

Do you need a permit to build a shed?

In many cases, you will not need a permit to build a shed in your yard, but permit requirements vary city to city. As you go through the process of designing and building your storage shed, our team will provide you with information regarding permits and other requirements so that you are fully informed.

We are also happy to handle the permit process from start to finish if you want us to.

How much is a storage shed?

The cost of a storage shed may vary depending on factors such as:

  • The size of the shed
  • The materials used for floors, wall, roofing, siding, and more
  • Any custom features or upgrades

The size of the shed
The materials used for floors, wall, roofing, siding, and more
Any custom features or upgrades

Is a storage shed a good investment?

Yes! A storage shed is worthwhile for the sake of extra storage alone, and investing in an Ulrich shed can grant you additional advantages, as well. A high-quality storage shed from Ulrich can be financially beneficial by:

  • Freeing up space in your home (which you can rent out or use for other purposes)
  • Adding more square footage of storage or living space
  • Increasing your property value
  • Keeping your belongings safe and protected over time

Do storage sheds need a foundation?

If your yard features a steep incline or an uneven area where you want to install a storage shed, some sort of foundation or support will be necessary. You can choose to put down a concrete or gravel pad for your shed, but we will also lay down cinder blocks to level your shed before we install it. In most cases, you will not need to install a foundation prior to delivery.

How far does a storage shed need to be from a house?

Much like permit requirements, setback guidelines vary from city to city. As you collaborate with the Ulrich team, we will guide you through the process to ensure your storage shed abides by local regulations upon installation.

What are the best outdoor storage sheds?

At Ulrich, we craft the highest quality storage sheds with your specific needs and goals in mind. We believe that quality materials and custom features, alongside our decades of experience and a top-of-the-line climate-controlled facility, allow us to create the best storage sheds for all of our customers. 

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