The Cape Cod Garage

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The Cape Cod can be built as a garage or a barn. Standard wall height is 8′ with optional 9′ or 10′ available on the first floor and a second story 1/2 floor with a 7’6″ high ceiling. Wall framing is 16″ on center 2×4 with engineered roof trusses at 24″ On Center. A 36″ wide stairway leads to the second floor.

Build Quality

Standard price includes:

  • 8′ Tall Wall
  • House Wrap Moisture Barrier
  • LP Siding and Trim (50 year warranty)
  • Lifetime Sherwin Williams Duration Paint
  • 2X4 16″ on center framing with bottom plate Pressure Treated
  • Alum Overhead Garage Door
  • 1-36″ steel door w/9 lite glass
  • 10/12 Pitch roof
  • 12″ Enclosed Overhangs on all sides
  • 24″ On Center Engineered Manufactured Trusses
  • #15 Roof Felt
  • Painted Roof Drip Edge
  • 40 Year Dimensional Shingles,(click here to view colors)
  • Ridge Vent running length of Building
  • Architectural Drawings

Prices below listed DO NOT include:

  • Concrete pad
  • Building Permit
  • County flood or fire study fees
  • Excavating for level pad
  • Driveway
  • Engineering Stamp
  • Electrical
  • Travel time (depending on location)

Upgrade Options

Prices on basic sizes but we can build any size just call us or visit one of our sales offices and we will be happy to quote a price for your area with all options you want.

Available Upgrades:

  • Engineering
  • Shed Dormer
  • 24″ roof dormers
  • 48″ roof dormers
  • 72″ roof dormers
  • Peek Extension
  • Cupola
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