The Monitor Barn

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The Monitor Barn is a raised center aisle structure that can be used as a garage or a barn. Standard wall height is 10′ with 2×6” wall studs for excellent strength and longevity. Completed with a steel frame rolling door, cedar siding, and a galvalume R-Panel metal roof, this will become a focal point of your lifestyle.

  • Complete Onsite Construction
  • Concrete Foundation
  • 10’Foot Wall Height , 2×6” Wall Studs 16” O.C. with two rolls of Bridging
  • Full Upper Loft Floor with 2×6” Decking , Wood Ladder and Heavy Wood support beams and post joined with Metal Plates
  • One Steel Frame Rolling Door
  • Cedar Trim
  • Flush Overhang
  • Galvilum R-Panel Metal Roof
  • Cedar Panel Siding
  • 2×6”or 2×8” Rafters 24” O.C. Depending on Building size
  • Final Clean-up of Construction related debris
  • Note: Permit pricing is NOT included. Permit pricing is based on building size & cost. Permit rates may vary from city to city. Some rural areas do not require permits for detached barns. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain plan approval for sub-divisions with deed restrictions.
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