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Cheap Sheds Mega Sale

Cheap Sheds Cost More – 6 Reasons Why

Cheap sheds–sounds like a deal, right? And everyone loves a deal. We get that. Price matters. For most of us (present writer included!) one of our first questions is “How much does it cost?"

But here’s the real deal: there is a huge difference between price and value. You’ve got a choice: Do you want something that’s cheap? Or do you want something that has value? Most times, you just can’t have it both ways.

Here’s a question to ask if you are thinking of buying or building a shed: Is “cheap” actually cheap in the long run, or just now?

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Painted Sheds Title

Why We Love Painted Sheds (and you should, too!)

Are you trying to figure out whether you should go with vinyl, painted, metal, cedar, or resin? In this article a professional painter gives you his top 5 reasons why painted sheds just work.

1. You will spend less money. That's right! A painted shed or barn from Byler Barns costs approximately 15% less than its vinyl counterpart. With a little periodic maintenance this shed will not only appear new again but will also ...

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Self-Storage Cash Drain

Stop Flushing Your Cash Down The Self-Storage Toilet

Usually when we flush, it’s to get rid of stuff we’d rather not keep around. But why flush your hard-earned cash down a self-storage unit? That same cash could have your treasures in a top-notch shed in your backyard. We understand that for some people, self-storage is their only option. But if that’s not you, renting-to-own a shed will be your perfect solution: • organize your life • protect your stuff....
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Shed Cost Like Getting Shot

How Much Does A Shed Cost?

We all know what it’s like. Just before the doctor sticks you with the needle, the question running through your mind is, How bad is this going to hurt?!? It’s the same question we ask when we think of buying something as big as a storage shed. As you have probably guessed, asking How much does a shed cost? is a little like asking How much does a car cost? Answers will vary depending on your needs and your budget. But here’s the short version: If you are looking to buy a good-quality, ready-made shed, delivered to your home and ready to go, you can expect to spend....
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