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Shed Site Prep

3 Ways To Make Shed Site Preparation A Royal Pain

Shed Site Preparation–Dumb Edition

Shed site preparation is like getting a new king. It can be a boon for the whole kingdom. Or, it can be a royal pain in your backside. There are three fairly simple ways to make sure that you have a really lousy experience with your shed site preparation.

  1. Choose a poor location for your shed site.
  2. Forget to check with your HOA or city/county offices about setback. Because then, you may get to do site prep twice.
  3. Don’t do your shed company homework. Because then, you may get to do all the heavy work yourself.
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Shed Delivery

How To Get Ready For A Shed Delivery

Shed Delivery Basics

A lot of people really don’t know what to expect when a shed gets delivered, or what they should do to prepare for a shed delivery. We know that it’s as important to you as it is to us that your shed delivery goes smoothly, so we’ve prepared a checklist for you.

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Shed Delivery Virginia

Shed Delivery Video

We’ve been asked periodically, “How are you going to get that building into my backyard?!?” Great question! When you stop and think about it, rolling a storage shed down the road on wheels is really pretty remarkable. Lots of people have seen–and become accustomed–to seeing that very sight, but until they decide they want that storage shed in their backyard, they’ve never stopped to wonder how it might get there. Once the building arrives at your home, there are three basic steps that the shed delivery crew will go through for most deliveries.

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