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Wedding--Happy Bride & Groom

How Getting a Shed is like Getting Married

Buying a storage building is a little getting married. The big day is coming, and you stress all the details that go with the perfect wedding.... What you're probably giving less thought to is the fact that after a wedding comes a marriage, and a great marriage takes some maintenance.

Just like a great shed.

Shed buying wisdom starts by knowing what work your shed will be needing a few years down the road. Before you "tie the knot" with a shed builder, be sure you know what services you'll need to keep your storage building in top condition in the future.

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Shed Cost Like Getting Shot

How Much Does A Shed Cost?

We all know what it’s like. Just before the doctor sticks you with the needle, the question running through your mind is, How bad is this going to hurt?!? It’s the same question we ask when we think of buying something as big as a storage shed. As you have probably guessed, asking How much does a shed cost? is a little like asking How much does a car cost? Answers will vary depending on your needs and your budget. But here’s the short version: If you are looking to buy a good-quality, ready-made shed, delivered to your home and ready to go, you can expect to spend....
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What Makes a Quality Shed? Part 1 of 2

We sometimes get asked what makes good quality sheds. To answer this we have to think like your doctor, who looks for more than radiant skin or a flawless hairdo. Much of our good health is inside, beyond the reach of the eye–and that’s the case with sheds, as well. So we start our search for quality sheds by looking at the “skeleton”–the structure that holds it all together. You need to consider 3 basic areas.

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5 Questions To Ask Your Shed Builder Before You Buy

When it comes to where you buy your new shed, you have a lot of options. Don’t get stuck spending a boat-load of money for a canoe’s-worth of storage shed! Knowing what questions to ask can make the difference between a decision you love and a decision you loathe. Before you hop in your truck to visit Lowe’s or a local shed builder, arm yourself with these 5 basic questions.

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