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The Lies About Free Shed Delivery | What does free mean?

In the shed business, just about everyone offers free delivery. But not everyone defines it the same way. One company may cover the site prep, others not. Someone else might deliver within 50 miles, another within 20. And yet another retailer may provide enough block for your foundation when the one across the road will charge you for them. As you can see, when talking about delivery, there are just a lot of variables. 

It’s hard to compare one manufacturer from the next unless you know exactly what “free delivery” includes. And, unless you know what it includes, you won’t know what your final cost will be. If you want a predictable cost on your shed purchase, get everything spelled out from the beginning. Then you won’t be disappointed when you come up short in the budget.

Once you start asking questions, you’ll probably find the definitions of “free” vary widely.

So, while shopping around, ask each retailer the same questions so you can compare equally. 

Here are a few questions to get you started and a few answers we uncovered from other retailers in our area.

Questions to ask about free delivery

Do you provide a free site check?

If you’re unsure if the shed company can get a truck and trailer up your driveway or behind your home, it’s best to require a site check. During a site check a trained shed professional will show you the areas you may need to address, like low hanging tree branches or narrow gates. They can also measure the slope of your property to see how many blocks will be needed for the setup.

Most shed retailers include a free site check in the price of your building.

What does your free delivery include?

If delivery means the driver will roll your new building off the truck onto the ground and be on his merry way, you need to keep looking. After investing in a new storage building you want the utmost care taken with the shed installation. Out of level buildings will bind in places and become damaged. Buildings set directly on the dirt or grass will rot. That’s why Byler’s recommends a solid shed foundation of concrete block piers or a gravel pad.

So, if you’re shopping around, you want to ask what kind of foundation or setup is included with the free delivery. Get specifics. If a retailer claims to include the concrete blocks, ask how many. The number of blocks needed to set your building will depend on the size of the building and the slope of your property. So, chances are, if they include only four blocks, you’ll be required to buy a lot of blocks.

If you do find yourself having to provide blocks for your shed foundation, find out if the delivery driver will bring them with your building, so you just have to pay them. Or, if you have to borrow your friend’s pickup truck and go fetch them yourself.

What Byler’s includes:

Byler Barns will set your building on concrete block piers and make sure it is level. If you have a sloped terrain, they’ll include the blocks necessary to level the building up to 12-inches. If your lot is more than 12-inches out of level, you’ll need to pay for the additional blocks, which the driver should have on hand.

What our competitors include: 

One of our competitors includes four blocks for free. Each additional block costs $4 each. They also require the homeowner to have the site prepared and leveled. Another competitor includes “leveling with the customer supplied concrete blocks.”

If I want a concrete or gravel pad rather than blocks, is that included?

You’ll probably find that most retailers will require you to cover the cost of alternative shed foundations. The reason for this is that pouring concrete and delivering gravel require more equipment, additional trained staff, and additional inventory to keep track of.

What if you have to make more than one trip?

Sometimes bad weather makes shed delivery impossible. That’s why it’s important to stay in communication with your shed professional when you’re expecting a delivery and alert him to anything that may hinder setup. But if you think the ground’s just fine after three days of rain and they don’t want to risk getting the heavy rig stuck in the mud, they may have to return.

Other times, the setup crew might be in the middle of building the piers and find they’re short of blocks and have to return with more.

Whatever the reason, you want to know who pays for these additional trips to your home. You, or the retailer?

What Byler’s includes:

Byler’s doesn’t charge for return trips.

What our competitors include:

Return trips are billed at $3 per mile.

What if I have to reschedule?

Life happens. We get that. And sometimes, you’re expecting your new shed delivery when it’s just not a good time. If your daughter went into labor and you’d rather wait at the hospital to welcome your grandchild into the world than watch your shed delivery, we understand. So, if something unforeseen arises and you can’t be home, what happens? That’s an important question to ask.

What Byler’s includes:

Byler’s cares about their customers and their needs. We do not charge for rescheduling.

What our competitors include:

Other shed retailers include a rescheduling fee and some will even charge you storage fees until delivery happens. 

How far will you go?

If you live in a rural area or are shopping for sheds in the next county, you want to know how far their free delivery extends. If you’re outside of that radius will they still deliver to your home? Some shed companies will go further but charge extra. If so, how much will they charge?

What Byler’s includes:

Byler’s delivers for free to homes within 50 miles of the lot with a charge of $3.50 for each additional mile.

What our competitors include:

One competitor delivers to within 50 miles with a charge of $3 for each additional mile. Another only delivers to within 30 miles.  

Does your free delivery include a time limit?

Some shed retailers offer free delivery for up to a certain amount of time. If the job takes longer, they’ll bill the customer by the hour. Byler’s doesn’t work that way. When we say free, we mean free. But to be safe, when shopping around ask the sales rep how long a typical delivery takes and then ask if they cover delivery if it goes over that time limit.

What Byler’s includes:

The average delivery for Byler’s takes one to two hours. But we will stay, free of charge, for as long as it takes.

What our competitors include:

One competitor boasts its average delivery and setup takes only 20-30 minutes. If they can’t set your building within 30 minutes, they charge you $90 per hour. 

When you purchase a new outdoor storage building for your backyard, you obviously can’t take it home in the trunk of your car. So, asking about delivery options is an important thing to remember. Hopefully, this checklist will help you in comparing each of the shed companies you visit.

If you have additional questions about shed delivery or any circumstances unique to your property, a Byler representative near you is ready with answers. And at Byler’s, answers are free, too.

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