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Self-Storage Units Harrisonburg VA

Top 5 Self-Storage Units In Harrisonburg, VA

Top 5 Self-Storage Units In Harrisonburg, VA

If you are looking for self-storage in Harrisonburg, VA, you have a lot of options. Although our business at Byler Barns is setting up storage sheds in your backyard, we understand that this solution isn’t for everyone.

To help you find the storage solution you need, we have compiled an unbiased list of 5 of the top self-storage units that are most conveniently located for residents of Harrisonburg, VA. (We are not affiliated with any of these companies.)

One thing to keep in mind (besides cost!) if you are looking for self-storage solutions is location. At the end of this post, you will find a map that will show you where each of these storage units is located.

Harrisonburg Self-Storage Units

Valley Storage

4068 Early Rd, Harrisonburg

Valley Storage is located beside I-81 (Exit 243) halfway between Harrisonburg and Bridgewater. It is about an 8-minute drive from Bridgewater College. Their units run from 5×5 to 10×40, and they also offer climate-controlled units up to 10×15. With an emphasis on customer service, Valley Storage facilities are fenced and gated, but offer 24-hour keypad access if you need that. They have parking space for your trailer, vehicle, or RV.

Waterman Self Storage

820 Waterman Drive, Harrisonburg

Waterman Self Storage is situated between EMU and JMU (west side of campus). They offer a variety of storage units from 5×10 up to 10×20. Waterman self storage offers some unusual options in addition to renting self-storage units. If you decide to leave your stuff behind and go tour America, they offer motorhome rental. If you are looking for housing, they may be able to help you get set up in one of their apartments scattered around the area.

U Stor It / Mini Stor It

190 E Mosby Rd, Harrisonburg

U Stor It / Mini Stor are located south of JMU on Rt. 11. U Stor It has been operating in the Harrisonburg area for more than 35 years. The largest storage facility in Harrisonburg, they offer a wide range of sizes of storage units, from 5×5 to 20×25. They also offer indoor units that are temperature-controlled. If you need parking space for your RV, boat, or vehicle, they can help you.

North Main Mini Storage

1614 N Valley Pike, Harrisonburg

North Main Mini Storage is also located on Rt 11, but is at the north side of Harrisonburg about a 5-minute drive east of EMU. They are closed weekends, but offer 24-hour access to your storage unit. They also offer some climate-controlled units.

Harrisonburg Self Storage

2557 E Market St, Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg Self Storage is located on Rt. 33 on the east side of town, about a 7 minute drive from JMU’s east side. They offer a wide range of units, from 5×5 to 10×40. In addition, they offer storage for equipment such as boats, trailers, RV’s, and vehicles. Harrisonburg Self Storage is fenced and gated, with a resident manager.
[av_google_map height=’450px’ zoom=’auto’ saturation=” hue=” zoom_control=’aviaTBzoom_control’ custom_class=”] [av_gmap_location address=’4068 Early Rd’ city=’Harrisonburg’ country=’usa’ long=’-78.91111330000001′ lat=’38.3938277′ marker=” imagesize=’40’] Valley Storage
[/av_gmap_location] [av_gmap_location address=’820 Waterman Drive’ city=’Harrisonburg’ country=’usa’ long=’-78.87679960000003′ lat=’38.461115′ marker=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=”] Waterman Self Storage
[/av_gmap_location] [av_gmap_location address=’190 E Mosby Rd’ city=’Harrisonburg’ country=’usa’ long=’-78.89193060000002′ lat=’38.4187993′ marker=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=”] U Stor It / Mini Stor It
[/av_gmap_location] [av_gmap_location address=’1614 N Valley Pike’ city=’Harrisonburg’ country=’usa’ long=’-78.84682399999997′ lat=’38.4632′ marker=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=”] North Main Mini Storage
[/av_gmap_location] [av_gmap_location address=’2557 E Market St’ city=’Harrisonburg’ country=’usa’ long=’-78.83718429999999′ lat=’38.4176854′ marker=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=”] Harrisonburg Self Storage
[/av_gmap_location] [/av_google_map] If you are in the market for self-storage units in Harrisonburg, you may also want to consider a locally-built shed that you can move right into your own backyard. Obviously, not everyone has a backyard. But if you do, here are the advantages a shed can offer you.

  1. Your things are right in your own backyard — no need to go anywhere else.
  2. 24-hour access
  3. You can choose or design the shed you want.
  4. You can rent the shed for about the same monthly cost as a self-storage unit.
  5. When you’re done renting, we pick up the shed. No further obligation.
  6. If you rent for 36 months, the shed is yours to keep. No further payments.

If you know that a shed is not for you, we hope that you have found this overview of storage units in Harrisonburg a helpful start. If you would like more information on how you could put a shed into your backyard, the following articles may be helpful for you:

  • For a guide for how RTO works for sheds, click here.
  • For a comparison of self-storage vs. Shed RTO, click here.
  • If you want to know how much a shed costs, click here.
  • Do you just want to see a bunch of cool sheds? Go to our gallery.
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