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Top 5 Shed Companies In Richmond

People interested in buying a storage shed often want a comparison of the top shed builders in the area. We aim to teach you all we’ve learned about sheds in the last 40 years, and we see no reason to shy away from complete transparency about the competition. To choose the top 5, here’s what we looked for:

  • Companies dedicated to the shed business. (Some companies sell sheds as a sideline to their real business.)
  • Companies that carry quality sheds. (Some economy lines are really pretty bad.)
  • Companies with a reputation for good customer relations.

So, with apologies to any we may have missed, here are our picks for…..

Top 5 Shed Companies in Richmond

Valley Structures. Out of the many shed companies in the area, Valley Structures is one of the few who manufacture their own buildings. They are based in the Old-Order Mennonite community close to Harrisonburg, VA. They have three retail locations in Virginia, including one in Mechanicsville.

Bestway. Bestway does not have a large supply of inventory buildings, but they specialize in manufacturing their own custom-designed buildings. They also offer a variety of services, including shed delivery and repair.

Garden Traditions. With their main retail lot in Chester, VA, Garden Traditions has been selling sheds since the 70’s. They bring in their Amish-built buildings from Pennsylvania. They offer materials for repairs if your building needs fixing.

The Shed Man. This family operation, located in Aylett (NE of Richmond) has been selling sheds for over two decades. They specialize in Amish-built buildings out of Pennsylvania, and keep quite a few in stock which you can see at their retail lot.

Crowders Buildings. LeRoy Crowder began selling sheds in 1984 with a commitment to quality buildings and service. He retired and sold the business to Byler Barns and Backyards, a company with the same commitment. Crowders (now Bylers) is located in Mechanicsville.

Remember that if you are going to own your shed for more than a year, you need to consider two things: the quality of your shed, and the quality of the service you get both today (design and delivery) and in the future (repairs and moving). Both of those really boil down to the quality of your shed company. For more information on this, check out “5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Your Shed.
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