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Shed Builders Harrisonburg VA

Top Shed Builders in Harrisonburg, VA

Too many options? Not sure any of them is good? Find out the top shed builders in the Harrisonburg, VA area.

Too Many Options

Top Shed Builders in Harrisonburg, VA

Every year, we at Byler Barns and Backyards of Harrisonburg consult with over 3000 people in the Central Virginia area. These people are curious about all their shed options, so they will often shamelessly ask us about “the other guys.” That may sound strange, but the question comes up all the time. And those who don’t ask–you can bet they are still thinking it!

Here’s the deal. We know that we are not the best fit for everybody. We aim to be completely up front about every aspect of our shed company and our business, and see no reason why we shouldn’t be blatantly honest about our competitors as well. There are actually only two other shed companies in the Harrisonburg area that build their own sheds, and they are…

  1. Helmuth Builders. Helmuth Builders is a family operation from a local family, and we are proud to own them as friends. They have been building in the Harrisonburg area for over 25 years. Helmuth Builders have two sales locations, one in Harrisonburg, and the other in Front Royal.
  2. Valley Structures. Valley Structures has been building in the Dayton/Harrisonburg are for over 30 years. They have 3 retail lots in Virginia–Harrisonburg (Penn Laird), Richmond, and Lynchburg. Valley Structures sells all kinds of sheds, but has recently focused on developing an economy line.
  3. Box stores. Just in case you were wondering . . . It’s true that there are box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot in Harrisonburg that sell sheds. But this post is about shed companies that actually specialize in sheds, and build their own. Box stores work well for some people, but the dedicated shed companies are the ones who will usually give you the best sheds and the best service. Hopefully we can write a review later about the box store sheds, and when they are or aren’t a good option for you.

So there you have two other companies to consider when you are getting quotes.

3 Keys to a Great Shed Buying Experience from Shed Companies

Remember, look for 3 key things as you are honing in on the perfect shed for you:

  1. The reputation of the shed company. What do people have to say about them? How long have they been around? Do they offer custom sheds designed to meet your needs exactly? Do they deliver and set their sheds? What kind of delivery satisfaction do they have? Here are 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy.
  2. The quality of the shed itself. Just like cars, sheds can be lemons. Read What Makes a Quality Shed (Part 1)and What Makes a Quality Shed (Part 2).
  3. The kind of service you can expect after the shed is delivered. Find out what kind of warranty a company has, and what happens when someone makes a warranty claim. Do they have a dedicated service technician? Will they move the shed for you?
Our hope is that your shed-buying experience will be top-notch, and leave you completely satisfied. Shop around, do a bit of research, and chances are good that you’ll still be delighted with your shed 10 years from now.


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