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Backyard Activities During Coronavirus

Ways To Be Productive During Coronavirus Quarantine

There’s no time like spring for home improvements. When the birds begin to sing and the flowers begin to bloom, you open your windows for a breath of fresh air and to let the sunshine in. If you’re getting antsy while on coronavirus quarantine, don’t despair. Here are five home improvement projects you can manage even while on lockdown.

5 Home Improvement Projects for Coronavirus Lockdown

Declutter and Deep Clean

There’s no time like the present to deep clean your home. Don’t just clean the stove and refrigerator, pull them out and clean underneath and behind. Remove the rugs, wash the drapes, and wash or repaint the walls. Take the screens outside and scrub them with soapy water to remove the winter’s accumulation of grime. Then, wash the windows inside and out.

If you struggle to keep your home clean because of an accumulation of things, now’s a great time to declutter. Clutter doesn’t necessarily mean hoarding. But it is a collection of things that overcrowds the available space. When we’re in our homes day-in and day-out like during the coronavirus quarantine, we tend to not notice when things begin to pile up. But our mental health and feelings of anxiety could be a telltale sign.

According to an article in Psychology Today, “living in clutter impedes your identification with your home.” In other words, you can’t relax. Also, people trying to eat in a cluttered kitchen eat more sugar-laden foods.

So, if you’re feeling anxious because you’re having trouble focusing or relaxing due to clutter, tackle that pile of magazines on the coffee table. Remove the jackets hanging on the hooks and boots by the front door. And deal with the overabundance of knickknacks, books, toys, or whatever is crowding your home.

Since donation centers are closed and you can’t have a yard sale right now, store the things you’re purging in plastic tubs in your outdoor storage building. Pack like things together and label the bins so you can easily find them when the coronavirus quarantine is lifted.

Work In The Yard

According to a 2018 study, vitamin D deficiencies are at epidemic levels throughout the United States. Not only is this vitamin essential to building strong bones, but it’s also necessary to build a strong immune system. And, since it’s found in only a few food sources—fatty fish, fortified dairy products, and egg yolks—we get most of our vitamin D from the sun. So, if you want to boost your immune system to better fight off the coronavirus if exposed, get outside.

Before starting any lawn projects, check the gas and oil in your gas-powered equipment. If you didn’t already, empty the tanks and start with fresh. Also, check the handles of your wooden-handled tools for splinters. Sand and oil them if necessary to prevent any injury.

Besides mowing, a few spring projects to tackle include:

  • Cleaning garden beds and removing debris
  • Dividing bulbs and perennials
  • Mulching the flower beds
  • Pruning shrubs
  • Break ground for any new beds you want to plant

Perform Home Maintenance Chores

Also outside, your home may need some attention. Things like dirty siding and patio furniture may have gone unnoticed as you rushed to get from car to door in freezing temperatures. So, take a walk around outside and make a list. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Dirty patio furniture or cushions
  • Mildew on the deck, patio, or vinyl siding
  • Missing pieces of siding or shingles
  • Mud or grime on pathways
  • Tripping hazards like elevated patio stones or deck boards
  • Loose steps

Clean Out The Garage or Outdoor Storage Building

Winter messes happen. It’s just a fact of life. So spring is the perfect time to empty your backyard shed and clean it out. Go through everything and throw away any broken or non-working items. Separate things you want to take to the thrift store after the coronavirus quarantine is lifted. And organize the rest.

Before putting everything back, though, assess your building for any wear or damages. Check for any sign of water leakage. Make sure the windows are operational and the windows and doors seal properly. Check for evidence of insects or rodents. Make any necessary repairs and then return your belongings to their proper place.

Spend Time with The Family

Now that everything is neat and tidy, you can relax and enjoy your home and yard with your family. Since many folks are working from home and schools have been shut down for the rest of the school year, plan some activities for your freshly maintained backyard. Consider taking lunch breaks batting the volleyball around, cooking out on the grill, and eating on the deck.

Once the sun sets, get out a game, a deck of cards, or a book and read aloud. Hopefully, once the crisis passes, we’ll find that we’ve enjoyed our time—not thinking about being “cooped up” but remembering the joys we shared with loved ones.

If you find you need some extra storage space to aid in the decluttering project, Byler’s is here to serve you. In addition to our purchasing options, we also offer a rent-to-own option for your temporary needs. Contact a Byler’s professional near you for more details.

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