Why Ulrich

Not Just Four Walls and a Roof

We believe the right structure can make a big difference in the quality of your life. The right structure is usually not the cheapest option and usually requires us to do some customization for you, but we believe the effort is 100% worth it.  If you’re looking for a flimsy, disposable shed, cabin, or garage, we’re not going to be a good fit.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for a structure that will truly meet your needs, both now and for years to come, keep reading.


It's a great space to call my own."


Most stories start out with someone tinkering in their shed until a moment of brilliance hits them. In our case, founder Jerry Ulrich had that “brilliant tinkering moment” while using borrowed tools and reclaimed lumber to build his first sheds back in 1990. Since the time his hammer first struck a nail back in Kentucky, the Ulrich family relocated to Texas in 2000 where their scrappy operation turned into one of the most trusted and respected brands in the nation, growing from coast to coast with retail locations in California and Virginia. Even though we have grown quite a bit, we continue to stay true to our core focus of helping families live more memorable lives. 

We don’t want to mass-produce cookie-cutter buildings that only provide a dry spot in the yard for a few years. Our passion is to find out what you truly want and dream about to enrich your lifestyle. Then we develop the perfect customized structure to achieve your needs and budget—starting with quality and craftsmanship as our foundation of trust, and building on our decades of design to deliver an over-the-top experience that you will rave about for years to come.

What Makes Ulrich Unique

There are three massive and unique traits of Ulrich which absolutely no one else can come close to measuring up to—we like to refer to these as “Our Three Uniques.” Our uniques drive home the difference between an Ulrich Lifestyle Structure and just another building.

Passionately Exceed Expectations

Some companies measure “customer satisfaction” and feel that an average rating is good enough. We’re not one of those companies. We measure our success by the number of “5-star raving fan” reviews we have. In fact, we’ve become so attuned to that, we’ve become the number one reviewed company in our industry! To accomplish this, our team wakes up every morning with a fire inside them to serve our customers to the highest level by delivering a one-of-a-kind experience.


There’s a cost to everything in life, and we don’t claim to have the cheapest price around. We do know and understand, however, how to bring value to your life where no one else can. We not only build to a higher standard, but we make sure it’s customized to your specific needs. That could mean you need extra sturdy flooring and taller walls to accomodate a work truck. Or it could mean you don’t need as beefy a structure because you simply want a place to keep some gardening tools for the weekend, in a shed that matches your house. Either way, our solutions adjust to match your needs, fit your budget, and enrich your lifestyle for years (and years) to come.

Masters of Discovery

Not just any old building should do. You deserve the perfect structure for your lifestyle. The thing is, how do you know you’re actually getting the right one? Our designers make the entire experience easy and enjoyable. We dive in to uncover your needs and wants so we can truly understand your goals. Based on those insights, we design the perfect customized solution to make your dreams a reality. That requires a personal touch and expertise, and it’s what we do every day for our customers here at Ulrich.


It’s built like a quality house.”

The Ulrich
Proven Process

We set our standards high and work hard to raise them every day. And to ensure we are completely transparent with you from start to finish, we’ve developed a proven process so you know and understand what to expect from our team every step of the way.


Tell Us What You Need

We discover together what your needs, wants, and budget are for now and in the future.


Get Design Suggestions

We use our experience and passion to help you plan and design the perfect structure for your needs.


Get Your Build Scheduled

We coordinate with your schedule and communicate with you throughout the build process.


Hassle-free Installation

Watching your building take shape on your property is a fun, easy experience.


Become a
Raving Fan

Satisfied customers are great, but what we really want is raving fans. That’s our goal, to create an amazing experience for the years to come.


We want your experience with Ulrich to transform you into one of our raving fans, and we promise to do our best to make that happen. In fact, we guarantee it! 

We guarantee that our customers will be raving fans. If not, we will do whatever it takes to resolve the issue. If we cannot find a solution, we will post your story on our own Wall of Shame. Plus, we will make a $500 donation to Habitat for Humanity on your behalf to bring shelter and protection to families in need. That’s it. Simple and straightforward with no fine print or disclaimers.

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