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Painted Sheds Title

Why We Love Painted Sheds (and you should, too!)

Painted Sheds Title

Over the decades since Byler Barns started in 1972, we have put thousands of sheds into peoples backyards. Different people have different needs. Vinyl sheds, metal sheds, painted sheds, resin sheds–all these have their advantages. In this article, the Painter-In-Chief at Byler Barns gives his perspective about the advantages of painted sheds. Scroll down, and you can watch him in a video discussing what he writes about.

Top 5 Reasons Our Clients Love Painted Sheds

When your garage is bursting at the seams and the realization hits that “I need a shed to store all my stuff!”– how do you decide whether your shed should be painted or vinyl sided? Let me give you my completely unbiased opinion why painted sheds are a great choice.

1. You will spend less money on a painted shed.

That’s right! A painted shed or barn from Byler Barns costs approximately 15% less than its vinyl counterpart. With a little maintenance every 5-7 years this shed will not only appear new again but will also last as long as its vinyl counterpart.

2. Painted sheds have more color choices.

We have an array of 15 or so paint colors in stock to choose from for painted sheds. Most people find that various combinations of these colors work for them. In the event we don’t have the color you’re looking for, we will get it custom matched from any supplier and I’m sure you’ve seen the number of color options in their aisles! In other words, there is no limit to your options! Additionally, the appearance of a Satin sheen exterior paint is much brighter for the light colors and much richer and deeper for the dark colors as compared to our vinyl siding color options.

3. A painted shed has multiple color options.

With all the colors available, the options for eye catching contrasting colors for painted sheds are sky high! In fact, the majority of our color options actually do work great together as contrasting colors on the very same building. While a vinyl sided shed with tan siding and white soffit and facia trim is great, try a painted shed with Barn Red siding and Navajo White soffit and facia AND corner trim. Believe me, it is an eye-catcher from a mile away!

4. Painted wood sheds look authentic.

By authentic I mean that it looks like real wood. That’s because it IS real wood! As Americans, we’ve worked very hard at and have succeeded in creating great bi-products that are often as durable and affordable as the real thing. Vinyl siding is one of these products. While very durable and manufactured to appear like real wood siding, it still does not have the look or feel of real wood.

5. Painted wood sheds have a retro look.

Who doesn’t like to be reminded of an era not so long ago when life was simple and most of it took place on the family farm? While we’re probably not going to see the classic American farmstead with the white house, windmill, and big red barn of 100 years ago make a comeback, painted sheds do capture a bit of that era. Our original “little red barn” is indeed a distant cousin to the few great big red barns that still dot the countryside.

BONUS: We use Sherwin-Williams

We are proud to use top-quality paint, and we challenge you to shop around. Bylers uses Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint® on all our painted sheds. This paint comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Realistically, that means you should be able to go 20 years before you need to repaint.

12x20 Classic Red Barn
These little red barns have long been a favorite. In Stuarts Draft, where Byler Barns was birthed, they have been known simply as the “Byler Barn.”

Trell has been a professional painter for over a decade, and thinks paint is a pretty good way to go. Here he explains why a painted shed that is hand-painted, rolled and brushed (NOT sprayed), is a pretty good way to go.
So, if you’re looking for a shed that matches the vinyl siding on your house or you prefer not to be bothered with any maintenance, a vinyl sided shed may be the shed for you IF you don’t mind paying more up front.

But if you want a shed with an amazing paint job and with eye-popping multiple color contrasts, a shed that looks and feels real, and doesn’t break the bank…a painted shed will be the perfect solution.

Trell Miller
In-house Professional Roller & Brusher
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