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12x20 Shed, Vinyl Dormer

Wood vs. Vinyl Sheds — A Comparison of Shed Sidings

What are the advantages of wood or vinyl sheds?

Wood and vinyl each have their own set of selling points. We’ll look at those in a moment.

But first, one thing to keep in mind is that our wood and vinyl sheds are built to the same spec’s. They look different from the outside, but structurally they are identical. That means that they are all built with…

These are all standard on a top-quality shed whether wood or vinyl. But let’s look at a few questions that people frequently ask concerning wood or vinyl sheds.

Wood or vinyl shed interior
Inside, wood and vinyl sheds are structurally identical.
[av_toggle_container initial=’1′ mode=’accordion’ sort=” custom_class=”] [av_toggle title=’Which siding lasts longer?‘ tags=”] It sort of depends. Wood siding will not last nearly as long if you don’t maintain it. If you do maintain it by painting it every 7-10 years, it can last a lifetime and beyond. Vinyl siding will last for decades without any paint at all. Eventually, however, it will need replacing. But that may not be for 50 years or more!
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’Which siding is lower maintenance?‘ tags=”] Vinyl is lower maintenance, though you will want to keep it washed. Wood needs to be painted every 7-10 years.
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’Which siding is more secure, wood or vinyl?‘ tags=”] In reality, both are very secure. It’s not impossible for vinyl siding to blow off, but unless you have a hurricane it is highly unlikely. And if we have a hurricane, you have probably got bigger problems to deal with.
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’How often do I need to wash vinyl siding?‘ tags=”] It really depends on the climate and environment. If you get a lot of blowing dust, or are in an industrial area where a lot of soot accumulates, or are in a wet climate where mold tends to grow, you will need to wash it more often. A rule of thumb, however, is every 1-3 years. And that depends on how picky you are about how your shed looks.
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’Will vinyl crack or blow off in the wind?‘ tags=”] Yes and no. Vinyl can crack, but (especially when it is new) it is really pretty resilient. It becomes more brittle as it ages, however, and a hammer or a stone launched by your mower can definitely crack it. It is very unlikely that vinyl will blow off in the wind, as long as it has been installed correctly.
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’How long will paint last?‘ tags=”] The worst enemy of paint is sun. A good paint may last 7-10 years, or more if your shed is in a shady spot. Byler Barns uses Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint®, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Sherwin-Williams experts give it about 20 years.
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’Will paint fade or chip?‘ tags=”] Yes, eventually it will fade. Sun is hard on paint, and over the years paint will lose a bit of its color. But as long as it’s not peeling or bubbling, it will still be completely weather resistant. Paint can chip if it is hit by a sharp rock at high speeds, but it can also fairly easily be touched up.
[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’Is wood or vinyl better in my situation?‘ tags=”] That really depends. Read on for more information. But remember two things:

  1. Both paint and vinyl can make a very high quality shed.
  2. Ultimately, you are probably getting the shed not primarily for how it looks, but for what it does.
[/av_toggle] [/av_toggle_container] Here are some features of wood vs. vinyl that may help you decide which is going to work best for you.
Classic painted cottage with shutters and wood doors
12x20 Shed, Vinyl Dormer
Vinyl dormer shed with octagonal window and 9-Lite steel door
vertical lookhorizontal look
can change color anytime you wantcan’t be painted
needs repainting every 7-10 yearsnever needs painting
lasts indefinitely if kept paintedlasts indefinitely if not broken or cracked
flying things may chip paint, but won’t damage sidingflying things may crack or poke a hole in vinyl
holds up better to trimmermore easily damaged by trimmer
almost infinite selection of colorsfewer colors to choose from
less expensive to buyless expensive to maintain
usually regarded as more authentic, visually appealingtries to look like wood
may blend better with garden or backyardcan match the vinyl siding on your house
one layer of siding–wood sheathing that is then painted2 layers of siding–the wood sheathing, covered by vinyl
come with wood double doorscome with metal doors
We’ve discussed wood vs. vinyl sheds, and you are probably wondering, “But which is best for me?!?” Unfortunately, it is hard for us to answer that. It really depends a lot on your preferences. Here’s a quick list of questions that you might ask yourself to help you decide.

  • How much, and what kind of maintenance are you OK with?
  • Do you want to match your house, or complement it with something contrasting?
  • Do you think you may want to change colors?
  • Does your HOA have a code you need to follow?
  • Do you just simply like one better than the other?

Again, just remember that both are great products, each with its own set of advantages. On this question of wood vs. vinyl sheds, there’s usually no single right-or-wrong answer. Our design consultants have had years of experience helping people make these sorts of decisions, and any of them from any of our sales lots they will be glad to sit down and help you to think through the issues.

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