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Children’s Playhouse – a rising trend among customizable sheds

Updated: Mar 20

Backyard storage sheds have found a new purpose in the modern landscape. As people find out they need to do more with the room that they have, we are slowly finding newer and more unique ways of repurposing backyard storage sheds into creative purposes.

Welcome to the child playhouse shed, a rising trend on the shed horizon.

The playhouse shed is intended for your children to have a place to play and learn without being far from you. It also gives parents a convenient place to keep their children’s play things. Tired of picking up Legos off the floor whenever you have guests?

The fact is, having a child playhouse shed in your backyard is a great alternative when there just isn’t enough space for a playroom indoors.

Choosing a playhouse is a great way to gain control over your life. Sure, you love your kids. They mean the world to you, and you want what is best for them. But isn’t there a way for them to have fun while exploring their creativity without turning your house into a daycare?  Too many people allow their dining rooms, their studies, even their bedrooms, to be overrun by their children’s ambitious play schedule and imagination.

We love our kids so much that sometimes it can be difficult to realize that we too need our own space, too. A great way to keep your space for family time and allow your kids the freedom to explore is to build them a play area of their own.

Playhouse sheds can help you–

Get control over your house again. By giving your children a private space intended for their play and imagination, you are freeing up the rest of your own time and space. By taking the play area out of your dining room, you are giving yourself the freedom you need without restricting theirs.

Keep the Legos in the the playhouse shed —in fact, keep all the playthings in the shed. Reserve the house for quiet, family time, for activities like dinner, reading, or watching a movie.

Having a playhouse shed for your kids can also be a great way for them to learn. Teach them how to paint, do storytime, or explore their interests, all from the comfort of your playhouse shed.

Besides these great benefits of having a playhouse shed, there is also a good number of physical and visible bonuses that come with kids having their own place to play. Playing in a playhouse regularly helps fight obesity, increases creative stimulation, and even helps children develop their social skills.  

Keep your kids safe

Childproofing a playhouse shed is much easier than childproofing an entire house. Your kids are much less likely to come across harmful objects in a safe space than they are in your house. Keep outlets covered, sharp edges unexposed, and poisonous substances far away from them with the help of a playhouse.

There are other great ways to ensure your kids are safe while in their shed. Have kids that are a little older? One mom used an exit sign as a way for her kids to tell her whether they were in the shed or not. If the light was on, that meant the kids were in the shed. If it was off, that meant they were in the house. This way mom was always able to know where her kids were, without having to worry much about it.

Ready to get your own, premium made playhouse? Ulrich offers playhouses for sale, built with your child in mind.

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