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How Much Does a Shed Cost?

Updated: Mar 14

The big question! How much does a shed cost? In this article, we will answer questions about cost and give some recommendations on starting your shed project.

Cost Factors

There are different factors that go into the cost of your shed. Everything from the foundation and framing to each window installed and everything in between. Ulrich has a unique way of quoting our sheds that breaks down each cost line by line so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

To start, here at Ulrich we breakdown the build of your shed into three categories:

  1. Foundation and Framing

  2. Security and Climate

  3. Trim

The categories of foundation and framing, security and climate, and trim each have one of our three series options to choose from. Those series we have to choose from are select, signature, and limited. Each series level offers different features and build upgrades that may or may not be necessary for your project. Based on your needs and what you will be using your shed for, you choose which package suits your shed best. You can even mix and match series, not all three have to be the same.

Cost Examples

Now to answer the question specifically on how much a shed costs, we have provided a table to give a general idea of the cost of a shed. Keep in mind, depending on the size, series, and options you choose, the price will increase or decrease from there. See examples for each type of shed outlined above.

Shed Options

When it comes to other costs, there are options for the following that you customize on your shed:

  1. Wall height

  2. Siding

  3. Windows

  4. Doors

  5. Insulation

  6. Electrical package

  7. Roofing

  8. Paint colors

Each of our shed designers takes the time to customize with you and allows you to pick out each detail for your shed.

When you are finished designing your shed, your designer will send you the quote and a 3D design to give a visual of your shed.

There is nothing more satisfying than having your shed delivered exactly the way you designed it. We hope this article helped provide some insight on shed pricing.

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