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Farrah’s Magic Playhouse

Updated: Mar 20

Its that time of the year when Santa makes his magical appearance. Luckily for Farrah Chamblee, she didn’t have to wait for December. A pink and white playhouse magically appeared in her backyard in November, just in time for her 7th birthday.

Farrah’s dad, Bill Chamblee, knew his daughter really wanted her own large playhouse. He and his wife Divenna decided to get her one for her birthday and begin by shopping online. He considered several options but decided on Ulrich because we could meet his time requirements. There’s something a lot less magical about a birthday gift that arrives two months after the fact.

The birthday party was a troll themed party with Farrah’s friends. It featured bounces houses, a food truck, pony rides, a petting zoo, a magic show, a caricature artist, and a photo booth. But even with all the other fun activities, the Ulrich playhouse turned out to be the afternoon’s main attraction.

Bill managed to keep Farrah from witnessing her playhouse’s delivery. As far as she’s concerned, the playhouse arrived by her dad’s magic powers.

“On her birthday, it was probably the happiest day that our little seven years old has had,” says Bill with a chuckle.

While elves and fairies may be ever so nice, what’s truly magical is a father’s love for his daughter.

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