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Five surprising ways people are using their sheds

Updated: Mar 20

It was summer in high school when I decided to turn my parents backyard shed into an art studio. It was a pretty looking, wood storage shed. I’d painted it white at my parents orders just a few weeks earlier. The inside had a window on one wall that let air in. Though my parents wanted it for storage, with a little creativity, it could have been repurposed into anything.

I knew that turning the shed into an art studio would take some work because summers are hot in California, which meant the shed would be, too. I ran an extension cord from the shed to an outlet outside my house and attached a fan to the extension cord. The fan worked wonders and was enough to make the small garden shed quite pleasant to work in.

I then equipped the shed with an easel, a box of painting supplies, and a cooler filled with bottled sodas. It became my art studio and hangout spot for friends.

Shed as art studio

Backyard storage sheds present a lot of opportunity. I’m not the only person to think of a slightly out-of-the-box way of using his or her four-walled box of opportunity (i.e. shed). One such person is a young lady in Florida who took an empty, wood storage shed and turned it into a beautiful art studio. In fact, turning a shed into an art studio is just one of many creative ways people are using their sheds to add extra space to their lives.

Sheds as incubators for great ideas

Apple may have been created in a garage, but it just may owe some of its roots to a shed. When Steve Jobs dropped out of college, he moved back to his parents house and lived in their shed in the backyard, prior to founding Apple. Who knows what kind of ideas were born out of the freedom from worldly distractions he found while living in that shed?

A few other great inventions that came out of a shed: the Harley Davidson Motorcycle, the Black and Decker Workmate, and Hewlett and Packard’s first product. What might you think up inside your shed?

Sheds as backyard spas

Sometimes you don’t need your shed to get something productive done. It’s not a bad thing to have a little space tucked away to get alone time and relax. Another way that people are using their sheds is by turning them into personal spas equipped with hot tubs. This is a great option for people who live in places with irregular weather. Rain or shine you’ll still be able to visit your shed after a long day and feel your cares fall away as the warm water cleanses and refreshes you.

Liveable sheds for rent

I know people are doing this one because I’m writing this blog post from the front porch of a rental unit in someone’s backyard. Though I’d classify it more as a Tiny House than as a shed, it’s still a brilliant way for any homeowner to make use of the property they have. These savvy homeowners have made this liveable shed for rent to anyone looking to stay as a guest for a few nights. It’s got one bed, a small shower and bathroom, and a kitchen and washing machine all stashed away into 400 sq ft of floor space. The owners of this particular shed were smart and gave it its own front yard patio space and private driveway. Makes guests feel like they have plenty of privacy, even though the owners live right next door.

She shed

A trend growing in popularity is to turn your small garden shed into a personal getaway, either for yourself or for your kids. Amy Allen Clark, founder of, decided she wanted to add some personal space to her life. She thought it would be a good idea to have a spot for her kids to play in during the day, and her friends to relax in at night With a little help, she was able to achieve just what she wanted. The shed is equipped with a system that lets her know when her kids are using the shed, and has a bar that seats up to four guests, for after her kids fall asleep.

What are some cool ways you’ve used your shed?

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