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Old School Fun For Modern Kids

Updated: Mar 20

“My husband and I got the Ulrich playhouse for our girls because we really wanted something in our backyard where they could play, and it would be without technology. They could just use their imaginations.” — Angela Perritt

Dirk and Angela Perritt are proud parents of three girls: Paige (11), Addie (10), and Brinnley (6). The Perritts longed for their daughters to spend time in more traditional, creative play, rather than being glued to a screen.

The investment paid off. “What we’ve loved,” says Angela, “Is just seeing them come in, and play dolls together, or just have a place where they can read, where they can do art projects. A fun place where they can just bring their friends and really just work and develop their imaginations a little bit more.”

The Perritt’s loved Ulrich Sales Consultant Aaron Jordan’s friendly expertise during the purchase and delivery process. “What we loved about the Ulrich playhouse is not only is it adorable, but we could actually customize it to the colors we wanted,” says Angela.

We appreciate your business, Dirk and Angela, and we wish your girls many years of happy, imaginative play!

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