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The Ulrich Story: Les and Cindy’s Dream Log Cabin

Updated: Mar 14

Are you ever struck by a simple idea that takes your breath away? Les and Cindy Yoakum were burning a brush pile on their land in rural west Texas when an enchanting thought swept through their minds. They gazed upon a serene clearing nestled amid a lush woodland and suddenly envisioned a cozy cabin in that very spot. This newfound dream sent them on a quest to find the perfect log cabin, and fate led them to Ulrich Lifestyle Structures.

Intrigued by the idea of a log cabin as their woodland retreat, Les and Cindy stumbled upon Ulrich’s website. With every click, they fell deeper in love with the craftsmanship and charm of the cabins they beheld. Cindy excitedly shared, “They had the best website and cabins going, and they were near enough we could drive there.”

log cabin

With Les’s vast experience as a general contractor spanning nearly half a century, he was eager to inspect the construction of Ulrich cabins. To his delight, he discovered a solid framing that exceeded his expectations. However, the Yoakums faced a unique challenge – they didn’t want to sacrifice any of their beloved trees to accommodate the arrival of the cabin. That’s when they discovered the perfect solution – a 16×40 cabin that could seamlessly fit between the trees.

log cabin
Inside Cabin

Les and Cindy adapted the original floor plan to suit their needs. They decided to add a loft over the kitchen, eliminating the second bedroom. As Cindy joyfully exclaimed, “It’s a good weekend size, and it’s functional.” With Ulrich offering outstanding customizability, their dream cabin was well within reach.

Cindy revealed the multitude of choices available to them. She was captivated by the possibilities, from floor plans to interior finishes, wood stains, lighting, and more. Collaborating with cabin designer Brian, the Yoakums navigated every step of their cabin’s creation, ensuring that their vision was brought to life.

Besides the cabin’s impeccable construction and customization options, Les was thrilled to discover that purchasing a ready-built cabin from Ulrich was more cost-effective than building it from scratch. With their savings, the Yoakums could add decorative stone to the cabin’s foundation and concrete walks, blending their sanctuary with the surrounding nature.

Inside, the Yoakums adorned their cabin with rustic furniture, lending it a warm and inviting ambiance. The loft over the kitchen became a cherished spot for their grandchildren to sleep, adding a touch of magic to their family getaways.

Log Cabin home

Every evening, as the sun dips below the horizon, Les and Cindy find solace on their front porch. Facing west and overlooking a small pond, they sit contentedly, sipping sweet tea and basking in the beauty of the setting sun. 

For Les and Cindy, their dream log cabin has become a testament to aspiration and fulfillment. It symbolizes the power of seizing simple moments of inspiration and transforming them into lasting memories. With Ulrich, their vision became a reality, and their haven in the woods has become the epitome of tranquility and joy.

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