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The Ulrich Story: The Hennessee’s Journey to an Ulrich Cabin

Updated: Mar 14

Sometimes, dreams take time. For Terry and Wendy Hennessees, that time stretched across 17 years, filled with planning, saving, and overcoming obstacles. But their unwavering vision, combined with the quality and dedication of Ulrich Lifestyle Structures, ultimately led them to their haven in the Kiamichi Wilderness of Oklahoma.

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of the Kiamichi Wilderness in Oklahoma, the Hennessee family’s quest for a weekend getaway blossomed into a journey of perseverance, attention to quality, and a deep connection with nature. Their story is a testament to the power of dreams and the enduring value of quality craftsmanship. It’s about how a simple visit to the Ulrich cabins display at the Fort Worth Stock Show transformed their idea of a weekend retreat into a lifelong treasure.

Cabin - The Beginning of a Dream

The Beginning of a Dream

Initially considering a mobile home for their wilderness escapes, the Hennessees were looking for something that served not only as a shelter but as a home that retained its value over time. Their quest led them to the Ulrich cabins display, where they were captivated by the superior quality and rugged charm of these cabins. The tin ceilings, wood interiors, and overall aesthetic spoke directly to Terry and Wendy’s hearts. At this moment, their dream of owning an Ulrich cabin began to take shape.

The Path to Realization

Understanding that dreams of this magnitude require time and effort, Terry and Wendy embarked on a meticulous planning and saving phase. The journey involved practical steps such as building a road, bringing electricity to their land, and preparing a concrete foundation that needed a year to settle. These steps underscored the Hennessees’ commitment to their dream, emphasizing that good things come to those who wait and prepare.

Discovering the Perfect Fit

The turning point came when they discovered a 16×48 Rocky Ridge cabin, already built and ready to find its home in the wilderness. With its energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, this cabin was made for the Hennessees. Despite the challenges of transporting the cabin to a remote location—which even the Ulrich driver deemed his hardest move—the cabin arrived with its interior in pristine condition, and any exterior damage was swiftly repaired by the Ulrich team, a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction and warranty honor.


Creating a Sanctuary

Upon its arrival, the cabin was further personalized with an L-shaped porch, complete with Wendy’s porch swing, turning it into a true sanctuary for the family. It became a place where the Hennessees could engage in hiking, bird-watching, and enjoying wildlife—activities that brought them closer to nature and each other. The absence of distractions allowed them to spend quality time together, playing games and enjoying each other’s company, reinforcing the bond that keeps their family close.

A Dream Fulfilled Cabin

A Dream Fulfilled

After 17 years of dreaming, planning, and hard work, the Hennessees’ dedication culminated in the cabin of their dreams. Their story is not just about acquiring a physical structure; it’s about the journey toward achieving a dream and realizing that quality and attention to detail are worth the wait. The Hennessees’ Ulrich cabin is more than just a weekend getaway; it’s a testament to the enduring beauty of dreams, the importance of quality, and the timeless value of creating a space that brings a family closer together.

The Hennessee's Journey to an Ulrich Cabin

The Hennessees’ journey to their dream home in the Kiamichi Wilderness is an inspirational blueprint for anyone looking to transform their dreams into reality. It highlights the importance of choosing quality and durability, the value of patience and perseverance, and the incomparable joy of creating a personal retreat that stands the test of time. 

And if you see yourself nestled amidst the wilderness, surrounded by nature’s embrace, consider Ulrich cabins. They might be the key to unlocking your dream home adventure.

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