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Camp Thurman Part 3

Updated: Mar 20

With 14 acres of thick woods and hosting 7,000 kids per summer, Camp Thurman finds plenty of need for daily maintenance.  With their use of many of tools, lawn equipment, and ATV’s the camp saw the need for a few storage sheds.  Ulrich provided Camp Thurman with two storage sheds and a portable garage.

There will always be lawns to mow, and trees to be trimmed to keep the camp clear and safe for the kids.  The first shed houses tools, they need to maintain all of the bridges, rock walls, picnic tables, and equipment on the property.  Counselor “Tarzan” is happy to swing to the rescue fixing anything that has broken around Camp.  

You will also see Manager “Buckwheat” driving through on his ATV checking in on staff and campers alike.  His vehicle and others are kept safe from the weather in their dual entry portable garage.  

What you may not see is the quiet oasis that Camp Thurman has set up secretly behind their sheds and offices.  A quiet place for Staff to relax, BBQ and enjoy each others company, after a long day, working with young campers.  The walls of their Ulrich Buildings provide security to the items inside, as well as a sanctuary of the space created outside their walls.



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