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Broad Side of A Barn

Updated: Mar 20

The old saying, “Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn” implies that barns must be easy to hit. But that’s not always the case, as contestants have recently discovered at the Cleburne Railroader’s home stadium, The Depot.

We have a unique contest in cooperation with the Railroader’s baseball club. If you can hit the “broad side of a barn” with a baseball, you could get a $5000 storage shed from Ulrich.

Gabrina Soliz, Manager of Relations and Events with the Railroaders, and one of her colleagues came up with the “broad side of barn” idea.

Here’s how the contest works: At a Railroader’s home game, fans text “Barn” and are prompted to enter their first and last names. Between the top and bottom of the 6th inning, one lucky person gets a chance to hit a baseball toward the target.

The target, in this case, is the front  of an Ulrich storage building, mounted on a trailer. The contestant gets three tries to hit the shed with the baseball. If she is successful, she is entered into a drawing. At the end of the season, contestants will have a hitting playoff. The winner will receive a new $5000 Ulrich storage building.

The contest requires luck and skill. Luck, to be chosen; skill to actually hit the “side of the barn”. In early June, Ulrich employees and family members enjoyed watching a game from the party deck at The Depot stadium. Steven Lockwood, in our Internet Sales department, got the chance to swing at the ball. Unfortunately, the “side of the barn” remained unscathed, as Steven couldn’t get the baseball to connect with the barn.

Amanda McClure, in our marketing department, said getting the heavy shed front stabilized on the trailer was quite a challenge. The work seems to be paying off, though. “Everybody loves the idea,” says Gabrina Soliz.

The contest remains in effect for the season during select games, so come on out to a game and see whether you have the luck and the skill to win a new Ulrich storage shed!

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