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Chichier Than Cheryl’s She Shed

Updated: Mar 18

Michelle Mukuna from Arlington, Texas, always wanted a she shed. For her fiftieth birthday, she decided to buy one for herself. She drove past sales lots with cute she sheds, but when she went to Ulrich Lifestyle’s plant, she fell in love with one of our most elegant sheds. Working with Everett Ulrich at Ulrich Lifestyle, Michelle started with a Retreat style cabin shell to get the look she wanted, but more affordably. She designed the 12×18 shed around an ornate chandelier. White trim and carriage lights on the outside add to its charm. Michelle found Everett Ulrich at Ulrich Lifestyle to be professional and friendly from the design stage to the building process in her backyard, even changing window placement at the last minute. Nestling her relaxing she shed in a corner of her yard,

Michelle planted a rose garden nearby and added a front deck with rocking chairs. She decorated the interior with feminine, floral pieces, including bird accents and the dollhouse from her childhood. Michelle jokingly compares herself to Cheryl in the famous State Farm commercial, and feels confident that her she shed is chichier than Cheryl’s.

“I had been collecting all these beautiful things that I knew I wanted to go in my shed,” Michelle says. “What I wanted was a place I can relax, read, enjoy fellowship with my friends, my family. All my girlfriends, we can sit around and talk.” “It’s a fellowship shed,” Michelle says. “It’s like having a getaway right in your backyard.”

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