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Where Every Day is Christmas

Updated: Mar 19

Eddie and Monetta Reyes are the owners of Reindeer Ranch at Round Top, a guest ranch for visitors to the bi-annual Round Top antiques fair.

Eddie and Monetta are on a mission to share the spirit of Christmas — love — with their diverse guests. The ranch slogan is “Where Every Day is Christmas.”

In keeping with their theme, the Reyes named each cabin after one of Santa’s reindeer. Their largest cabin is fittingly named Rudolph.

The couple found us online, and worked with cabin design consultant Tonya Johnson to plan the details of their guest cabin. They settled on a 16×52 ft Ulrich Log Cabin from our Homestead series.

Monetta wanted the lighting, in particular, to help create the perfect holiday mood. To that end, almost all the lights in the cabin feature dimmer switches, including the edison lights on the front porch.

The cabin “Rudolph” doesn’t have a shiny red nose, but it does have a distinct copper colored metal roof and extra dark log siding. The front features a full length porch, and the back has a smaller porch.

The Christmas tree in the living area stays put all year long, and every room has a touch of Christmas in the decor.

The cabin has been a success for the ranch. Guests are wowed by the warm, Christmas themed atmosphere and the quality of the cabin. Monetta says the guests always assume it was built in place like a traditional home.

The Reyes plan to add several more Ulrich cabins in the future, giving guests a range of cabin sizes to meet their needs.

Monetta particularly enjoyed working with Tonya on the project. “I really value that Tonya was an out-of-the-box thinker, she says. “Together, we were able to stay within the budget and really, exceeded my expectations.”

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